In case you are a site owner, a problem may always appear and it does not necessarily need to be connected to the web hosting service itself. For example, something can go wrong when you update an application or some crucial content might be edited or erased by accident. Regardless of what the nature of the problem may be, you will have to touch base with the respective technical support team and ask them to recover a backup or to help you fix the problem that you are having. How timely they’ll do this will determine the amount of time that your websites will be down. For particular sites like social networking websites or shopping portals, a longer downtime can too often mean losing visitors and money. Having said that, it is quite important that you use the services of a company that provides not only a very good client care service, but also a prompt one.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Hosting
Our guaranteed maximum response time for any technical support ticket that you post or any email that you send is only 60 minutes, even if you contact us on weekends and national holidays. Whatever the essence of your question or issue might be, we’ll lend a hand straight away and will provide you with the required information to resolve any problem with your websites. The real response time typically does not surpass fifteen-twenty minutes, which is why you can just forget about waiting around for hours to get a problem resolved or what’s even worse – waiting all day only to receive a response that more information is needed while nothing is resolved. We’ll offer you assistance in an instant merely because we realize just how costly time can be in the dynamic Internet sphere. The 1-hour response guarantee is valid for any billing or technical inquiry that you may have connected with our Linux cloud hosting packages.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our help desk support team representatives will be at your disposal all the time and they’ll answer any trouble ticket that you send from your hosting Control Panel within less than sixty minutes. The response time is guaranteed no matter if you’ve got a general query regarding your semi-dedicated server or you experience a certain challenge and for most issues you will not have to wait even that long. Regardless of what the nature of the issue is or what time it is, we’ll be there to assist you, as we are available 24x7x365 to address any general, billing or technical issue. If you contact us about anything that is within our capacity, we’ll solve it before we reply to you, which goes to say that you won’t have to wait around for hours or days while the problem continues. In case there is something that you need to do on your end, we will give you the required details – what possible solutions to try, what steps to take, etc.